Other features Hudson was slow to offer

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I have been looking over a neat little book, "American Cars of the 1950s"  It is interesting noting all the different makes and their offerings each year.  Hudson was clearly behind the eight ball when it came to some of the comfort features for their targeted market. Other upper - mid and competitive brands had started to offer power steering, power brakes, power windows, etc., even even AC at least 2 - 3 years prior to Hudson offering them.  Perhaps another reasons for their falling market share, they were falling behind even by 1952


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    Only wussies need power stuff like that. 
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    Or "Old Pharts"!!
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    Yes but if the public wants or sees a company not offering the latest and greatest......  Not only that but it is well known that these accessories were and continue to be high profit margin items for the auto companies.  Hudson charged $100 for an AM radio in the early 50s, quite a nice little profit.  If you look in the dealer monthly sales mag from Hudson they really pushed these radios as a profit maker for the dealers.
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    I think you should write to your dealer and complain! ;)
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