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I originally had visions of adapting this kit to fit on the '52 convertible.  I have since changed my mind and would like to see the kit get used again and in the hands of someone who might wish to put it on a car.  

 Some general info:

 You'll notice that there are 2 sets of pans that go on either side of the "well".  Years ago I had beadblasted the dark green set and primed them for final bodywork later.  They are actually pretty good, but on the close-up of one of them you can see that it is pitted.  I had planned on just leading that in when I did the final bodywork.  The set that is not bead-blasted is not pitted, but are bent a little and require massaging back into shape.  Also, you can see some rot on the bottom of the outer 'O' cover. That was the part that was down obviously back when this kit was being used.  Water collects between the spare tire and the inside of the cover, eventually causing it to rust and, later to rot out.  This will take a little work to fix by someone.  My plan was to cut a metal strip, weld it to the inside and lead in the holes.  The outer edge that holds the WTSP (weather-stripping) needs some special attention, though.  I tried to get a close-up of that so you could see it.  
Additionally, as far as the bracket that actually holds the tire to the car, you can see that the two that I have are similar, but different.  I was informed in a subsequent thread that both are correct for '54, one being an early version, and the other a latter version.  The "band" or the part that goes around the outside of the tire is actually pristine.  So much so, that it's good enough to chrome-plate.  Really nice piece.
O.k, so what's missing?  There's a stainless piece that goes on the outside of the rear tray.  You can see it in one of the pics on the passenger side of the pan.  I only had the one piece, but another could fairly easily be made from a stock longer piece.  Various nuts, bolts, washers are also incomplete (never got around to putting it all together). Since my car is a '52, a lot of alteration had to be done to make it work and I never really paid attention to all of the parts and pieces as it pertained to making it all 100% original as it would be for a '54.   

Price.  I could probably get $600-700 for all of it on Ebay, but if I can just get my 500 back out of it (plus shipping) that I have in all of the pieces, that would be fine.  That's a deal for my fellow forum users.  

Anyone desire a need to see something closer, better angle, etc., let me know.  

E-Mail me if interested:
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