Wanted 46-47 pick up seat

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Hi, would like to know if anyone has a seat assembly for sale, for a 46-47 pick up, or knows of someone with one for sale. 
Preferably in the Oregon or California regions as can probably pick up early May, or other regions, if they are able to freight the item to Oregon at our expense.
We have just arrived in the US on holiday so should have a contact number in the next day or so. Thanks


  • Ol racerOl racer Senior Contributor
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    If you cant find an original seat suggest using a mid '80's Chey/GMC S15 seat. I did and it practically bolted in and flips forward to reach behind it. I also used the safety belts.
  • LanceBLanceB Senior Contributor
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    I also heard that the Ford Ranger from that time will work.
  • 53jetman53jetman Senior Contributor
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    Another choice is a Jeep Cherokee from the mid 80's
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    Thanks for all the suggestions. Will try some wreckers when we head up to Oregon in May but might just have to find something in NZ as have a limited time to find anything.
  • bellbigdawgbellbigdawg Expert Adviser
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    in pocatello, idaho. have original one NOT for sale, but easy t make (wood frame, common parts). you can measure mine and photo top to bottom if you want. going to rebuild mine anyway with new wood, but seat is nice original!!
  • Oldfarmer1947gmailcomOldfarmer1947gmailcom Expert Adviser
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    Bellbigdawg:  would you be willing to share measurements and pictures? There are plenty of Het folk who do not have a seat. With your measurements and pictures replacements can be fabricated.  Thanks 
  • bellbigdawgbellbigdawg Expert Adviser
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    yes i will. would like to blueprint it to make frames and mount brackets. will post results soon!!
  • goangoan Member
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    Thanks bellbigdawg a blueprint would be a great help and much appreciated.
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