For Sale: Carburetor Rebuilding kit for 1936 Terraplane, brand new.

junkcarfannjunkcarfann Expert Adviser
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Brand New unopened Carburetor Rebuilding kit for 1936 Terraplane in sealed bag. $40.00, free shipping.


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    Hey junkcarfann,
    What model(s) of carbs does it fit?
  • junkcarfannjunkcarfann Expert Adviser
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    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

    The kit is a "Classic Carburetor Kit, #2084.  When I purchased it, the website where I got it indicated this was for a 1936 Terraplane.

    I just did a internet search for "Classic Carburetor Kit, #2084", and got a website that sells kits, and further digging around on that site says this kit is for:

    * 1935 Hudson Model GH
    * 1936 Model 63, which I believe is a Terraplane model #.
    * 1939 Models 92, 98, 112.

    All are Carter W1 Carburetors.
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