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I have a Hudson Terrarplane 1934 and I need to know if I need to put a splash plate between the clutch and gearbox when I put the engine in. Can anyone help thanks ... I have put the clutch and presser plate on the flywheel and need to know if it has a splash guard between the engine as I brought the car with the engine out thanks


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    How do you define a "splash plate"?
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    I brought the car with the engine out and have just finished building it up and did not know if they have a splash guard at the back of the clutch. Many thanks Jon B this has helped a great deal, sorry for the delay in responding but have not been able to use the internet, now all I have too do is find this part as it is missing off my Hudson, once again many thanks Bernie
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    Still not sure what you mean by splash guard.  Is that the thin metal pieces that attach to the underside of the frame to keep the mud and dirt out of the engine compartment?  If so, then the answer is "no," you don't have to have them.

    Or did you perhaps mean the flywheel cover?  That attaches from beneath to guard the flywheel where it emerges at the underside of the engine.

    This view is from the underside, looking up and forward toward the oil pan (beyond).  The flywheel cover or guard bolts to the underside of the bellhousing with two bolts  (you can see the underside surface of the bellhousing at the top of the photo).  Here is what the cover looks like

    although this photo is of one that fits the later Hudson engines.  Still...similar.  And the answer is YES, you would want to have one mounted.
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    Hi Jon B
     Thanks for the info it was a great help, I now need to find a flywheel cover guard as when I brought my 1934 Hudson Terreplane   the engine was out and the guard was missing, once again many thanks Berniem
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    I'd suggest firing off e-mails to some of the vendors who advertise parts in the WTN.  This is the sort of thing they wouldn't even bother to advertise or bring to parts meets, and it would be lying around someone's store room in a big pile of parts!
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    I have several.  Email   Drop the HET
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