Has anyone tried radials on their prewar cars?

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Specifically, 1930 or so? Excelsior makes a line of radials that go back to brass era sizes. I am curious to know if anyone has tried them on their Model A era cars. They cost about 25% more than standard tires and I am wondering if they are worth it. Both my Essex and Franklin are showing their age, tire wise.


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    My car's much newer -- 1937 -- but still has the same primitive suspension (solid front axle with leaf springs, and leaf springs in the rear) as the earlier cars.  I have noticed a slight improvement: I don't get stuck in those "truckers' ruts" on the interstates, or in trolley tracks (but how many of those do I encounter?).  Aside of that, I think my old bias-ply tires were fine for that era of car.  Previous to the radials, I had used bias ply tires of one size larger than original, and these did improve my control over the original-sized bias ply tires I'd used before.

    If you do a LOT of touring in your car, you might want to go radial, because it's certainly an improvement (if only marginal).  But if you mostly show the car, I'd stick with the original-look bias ply tires.
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