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If this post is in the wrong category please accept my apologies.

This is my dad's account. Some of you might remember him, he has very active few years back when he was rebuilding his 53 Super Wasp. Unfortunately he passed away over a year ago and his car will be sold. Its sadden us as a family but in the circumstances it is the only option we have.

I was hoping with the help of this forum, I could come up with a fair price to be ask.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Steve Jr.


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    Steve,  Tell us a about the condition of the car and it's options. The more information the better. Lots of pictures would also help.

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    I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your father, Steve.

    I don't know if you were considering advertising it in the WTN but if not, you might think about it.  My guess is that it has a greater circulation than this forum (which is also run by the H-E-T), and if you are not a Club member you could get it run for free, as a "lead" from a member (like myself). 

    As to value, Joe is right; you need to tell us a bit more about the car's condition, and maybe publish a couple photos for people to look at.
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    Jon, believe it or not the best exposure is on ebay . This site is mostly for guys who already have Hudsons .  Parts sales yes, complete cars-not so much. That is what my experiences have taught me.
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    Steve, sorry to here of your loss, we are all temporary curators of our old cars comes a time when they go to a new home where they will be loved and enjoyed by others for a while. I am sure your dads car will find a good home.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    The car belong to my dad's grand father, it has 42,000 original miles. My dad is the second owner. The car was restored over a period of 7 years, from the ground up. The restore is well documented with pictures. Everything is original and restored (motor 262, transimission, etc). Interior was restored using new old stock material. Here are a few pictures of the car.

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    few more. Thanks again for any help.

    Jon B, thanks for the offer, when the time comes I will contact you if needed.

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    WOW! Looks Great
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    Yeah, don't be in a rush to sell this, it could definitely bring some good money.  I myself am a "pre-war" guy and can't fathom the true value of your car.  Take your time, sniff around the internet, study auction results (Old Cars Weekly publishes these), look at Ebay (click on "completed listings" to see what the selling price actually was).

    If you do list it in the WTN, they require that you list a price, so put something higher than you expect, and then say "or best offer".  Next WTN ad deadline is April 1 for the May-June issue.
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    Very nice.  
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    Very Nice looking car like Jon I am a "pre war" guy and don't know much a bout the cars that followed but for sure do your research. I'm sure someone will want that car 
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    where is the car located ?

  • bartibog1bartibog1 Expert Adviser
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    Car is located in New Brunswick, Canada
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    If you check out the Old Cars Price guide you will see a price of $13,000 for this car.  One with a hundred percent correct restoration will list at $19,000.  Somewhere  in the middle is where it should sell.  I have seen some priced higher but they normally do not sell.  The International meet in southern California would be a place where you would most likely get high dollar.  Good luck....  Petersen Historical Automotive Appraisals.
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    Small issue, but one thing I notice is that the radiator is the 48-51 type.  THey were changed to a more rounded top tank design for 52-54.  Nice car -- I hope he got to enjoy the car after he finished the restoration.
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