2 Great Hudson Convertibles for sale

Uncle JoshUncle Josh Senior Contributor
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Due to the passing of Don Mowry last year, his cars have come up for sale by his estate.
Mowry Cars.pdf


  • Uncle JoshUncle Josh Senior Contributor
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    Bumping to top as I see someone is looking for a Cv.  These are 49s but have the Hornet engines with Twin H and Overdrive.
  • 2nevets2nevets Member
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    I purchased all his hudson parts and viewed the cars-
  • brentprimbrentprim Member
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    I looked at the Green Hornet several months ago (by detailed pics, not in person). Would be an OK car for someone who just wants a drive-and-have-fun Hudson CV.  Has a '56 308 (hydraulic lifters). However, would take a significant amount of cosmetic work to get it to even a reasonable #2 condition. Donnie restored it 10-12 years ago from a real basket case, and did a very respectable, amateur job. Seats are vinyl, HWs were replaced with cranks, etc. There are a few dings & chips in the paint, evidence of a slight oil leak, and at least some of the chrome would need re-plating to bring it to make it sharp. Appears (from video) to run well, top works, and so forth. That said, it'd be a fun car to own as a driver.

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