been a long while since I updated my 48 Commodore Coupe status - life gets in the way

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Well as we are all aware - some of us all too well - life happens and tends to derail the greatest of well-laid plans. Such is the case with my 48 Commodore.  An impending split from the other half has put a grinding halt to the project.  We are amicable and I am hoping we can work out a way that will allow me to finish the car or at least get it to driving status again.  But the last few months I haven't even touched it.  Been to bummed out to think much about it. On top of that I had to sell a lot of stuff to buy a place so I can be near my kids and then I've spent the better part of the last 2 months rehabbing it.

I want to publicly apologize to Per who was gracious enough to not only offer me up a set of points for my ignition but he even brought them by and left them for me so many months ago.  In all that's been going on I completely forgot to repay him and for that I am truly sorry.  The generosity of other's should never be taken for granted and Per I wanted to apologize to you for my lack of consideration.  I have dropped the check in the mail - literally - and I hope you can accept my apologies.  

I honestly have no idea what will become of the car.  I know the majority of you on here prefer stock and restored but clearly me doing so was not going to happen.  I have to make a  decision to keep it and go full throttle as best I can given the circumstance, or find a place to store it and possibly work on it (not easy nor cheap near Boston), or take my lumps and pass it on.  

If anyone is interested in possibly purchasing or trading for something running (classic car, hot rod, harley), please contact me via the forum and I will give my cell.  I hope this isn't construed as a sales pitch.  I do not want to sell it but my condo will not allow project vehicles.  I've invested a lot of time, cash and hope into the car and to simply punt it away will be bothersome but if I must then I must.  I can provide a list of what I have done and where I left off.  Other than a cut into the firewall for the Chevy engine, everything I have done is reversible without damage to stock setup.  I realize this makes it less desireable to the purists but it was my goal to get it running.  The original engine and trans are out and ready for a rebuild should one choose too.  I also added a T5 trans to the chevy 250.  Sorry for the sob story. 

Thank you all and again to Per my apologies.  

- jason


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    I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through.  That sort of thing puts a BIG temporary "hold" on your life.  I'm sure you want to get the immediate concerns resolved so that you can move on with your life.

    Of course, if you can sell the car it will remove one big concern of the moment, and good luck.  Unfortunately, given the car's current condition (in bits and pieces rather than licensed and running) you will take a bit of a bath in terms of money.  Have you considered finding a storage place for it, and simply parking it for the next few months until you can get back to it?  You might look around for dead storage, somewhere not too close to Boston (so you save money).  You might even get enough room to store some of the possessions that you can't fit into your new condo place, which would justify the expense.  The fact that you probably won't have the time to work on it, would make a  distant storage place more logical.  (So what if it's 50 miles away if you're saving money?)  That way, you don't have to take your lumps, the car's out of your way, and you won't have seller's remorse a year or so down the line when your life evens out.

    I just did a cursory check of the Boston area Craigslist and saw this one for $100/mo.:  -- I'll bet you could sniff around and find cheaper.
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    priorities sound like they are in the right place.
    Loved ones > Cars and other bullshit of life.

    Hope for your sake and the kids sake things work out.

    Often wondered how your build was going and even poped on your website recently and saw things could been better for you.

    Hudsons are popular on HAMB at the moment so if you do choose to sell then you may get some a buyer on there.

    best of luck

    49 Hudson Build thread (picture heavy, may need to refresh if images dont show.)
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