Faux Leather Grain

Hi all,

I've been trying to gather info on re-deuxing the faux leather grain finish on the dash (and other parts) for our '51 Hornet.

There's a ton of info and materials/tools/techniques/services related to wood graining, but nothing I can find about leather- graining as was used in that car. Any ideas on where I should be looking?



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    Use the HET roster - contact Russell Chilton in TX.  He has tools and does the woodgraining
  • TNX for the tip.


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    Would you consider hydro dipping or are you looking to replicate the authentic factory finish? I've seen beautiful results with the sipping process but it may be a little too glossy to pass for OEM finish.
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    Grain-it-technologies.  Go to patterns at their website, select leather.


    I had them do the dash on my Packard (woodgrain).  Call and talk to Evan if you need further information.

  • John,

    I looked at Grain-it first but didn't find the leather pattern......my computer wouldn't let me use the "Patterns" button saying that, in its opinion, I didn't have enough money to even look. For some reason it will now allow it. Possibly it was offended 'cause I spent a little too much time glaring at the young lady with the long, blond hair on the home page. I'd swear she looked up at me and smiled once.

    I see that their example is a Hudson. Nice job from what I can see.

    Thanks for the help.



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    Frank,  I have the pattern, Grain-It.  Let me know if you want to do your stuff.  I can help you with that.
  • Tim,

    Good to know. I was just thinking of you and will email soon.


  • Frank, you crack me up.
    I chase your posts down and read them, I don't care if they are about park lights or drive shafts!...k

  •  K,

    I try to stay on the good side of the censors while also offering up a bit of entertainment. Sooner or later I'll step over the line and offend somebody and be banned forever. Oh well, it will have been fun while it lasted

    Thanks for the comment.


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    Frank       keep your day job-please  
  • 'Course the trick is to charge right up to the line and dance on it without falling over it.  Meantime we'll just keep lobbing 'em over the plate, nice and slow, so's you can slam em out of the park.  Lol.
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    Agreed....it's a balancing act.

  • so, any luck with the wood graining techniques?   I'm close to trying my luck...k
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    I'm sorry to say that Frank had a fatal heart attack on May 3 last year.  Frank was a wonderful guy and added lots of great advice and humor to this forum.  His wife, Patty was at the national meet last year and will be in Wisconsin Dells this year.  She makes shirts with different Hudson logos in the material.  She used to make them for Frank, now she makes them for Hudson folks.  I purchased one, it's my "Frank" shirt.

    John Forkner   
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    I freaked out when I saw Frank's avatar on the forum.  Miss Frank and was planning to help him with the leathergraining for his Hornet.  I should call Patty and see how it's coming along.  Keith, if you have some questions, let me know and I'll try to help.  I've done all that before.
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