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I am not signed into the HET Facebook page, nor am I a registered Facebook user.

However, I like to drop in there from time to time, to see the photos that have been posted.

Half the time, I can simply click on the link (in my computer) and I go there, and can see all the postings and photos.

Half the time, I can get to the Facebook page, but all the posts (on the left side of the page) are blank white boxes.

I have done nothing different from the previous time.  I don't enter any password or fill out any information.  It just happens.

I can "see" the Smoky Mountain Heartland, New England, and South Texas chapter facebooks.  So it's not that my computer is non-facebook compatible!

Can anyone explain why this happens?  Is an H-E-T person changing the Facebook settings to allow (then disallow) strangers from entering?  Could this be some setting in my own computer that is changing from time to time, so it only allows me to see the page sometimes?


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    It's hard to give you an answer without seeing what you are experiencing firsthand.  However, I just checked the HET facebook page, and see that it is set as a Public page - meaning you should be able to see the posts - in theory.  I believe that by "anyone," they mean anyone with an account!

    I suspect that you can only see SOME info, not ALL of it, unless you're logged in.  Facebook makes money by having people logged in for advertisement data, so they want to encourage that.

    You seem reluctant to want to make an account, which I can understand.  But remember, you can make an account with as little information as you please - you don't even have to use your real name if you're worried about a bunch of jilted high school ex-girlfriends tracking you down... ;-)

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  • iceblade10iceblade10 Member
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    Another possibility is the settings of the page must be changed.  If there is currently an age limit set, the page will not allow you to view stuff if you're not logged in (since there'd be no way for Facebook to know the age of the viewer).

    The age limit would need to be set to "Anyone 13+" for you to view it without being logged on.  I have no idea if this is your current problem or not, but it would make sense if the other pages you are able to view have this setting, and the HET page does not.

    Now with that being said, I have no idea who runs the HET Facebook page and can change it for you.  I could post and ask, I suppose...  

    EDIT - I just checked a FB page I have admin on, and have no idea how to change the age limits, or if they even exist anymore, so I'm at a loss...
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    1954 Hornet Coupe - Originally my Grandfather's
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  • Jon BJon B Administrator
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    Here's what I see:

    I'm still confused as to why I could see the content on three of the Chapter facebooks, yet not on the H-E-T. 

    screen shot.jpg
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  • bob wardbob ward Senior Contributor
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    Jon, you can sign up for facebook without having to share your life with the world. I have the bare minimum, a user name and password, solely so I can access the HET facebook page and maybe post the odd comment there. Mr Facebook will keep asking you to add more information to your profile, post your clever cat photos etc, but you just ignore that.
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  • Jon BJon B Administrator
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    Okay, so today (March 10) I went to the Facebook site and was able to read all the posts!  That hasn't been the case for several weeks.  So far as I know, I have made no changes to my computer. 

    Just for the record, this is the Facebook site's URL that I have bookmarked:   Is there anything in that particular URL code that specifically allows non-members to open the facebook page and read it? 

    A real mystery to me.
  • Ric West INRic West IN Senior Contributor
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    Same situation for me,Jon.  Thankful I've been able to access the site the last two days.  Have caught up with my reading.  Have been able to look at the pictures,just not the comments and discussions.
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