Heater Core Removal

JDutraJDutra Posts: 38Member
It appears that a previous owner of my 52 Hornet bypassed the heater core--the hose goes from the block to the metal return pipe to the water pump (hoses go from the Ranco valve to the heater openings on the firewall, but I assume that was done to keep critters out).  My guess is that the bypass of the heater may have been done because there was a leak in the heater core.  I am not sure and figure it would make more sense to test out of the vehicle (and if there is a problem, it will make it easier to take to the shop for repair).  What is involved with removing the core?  I am not seeing anything in the service manual about removal.


  • LanceLance Posts: 1,026Member
    First off, you have to remove the heater fan/blower box to get to the core. Your model may or may not have the capillary sender tube from your Ranco valve attached to it but if it does just detach it.   Detach heater vent hoses.   Pull out rubber drain hose at bottom of blower box. Detach the electrical line powering the blower motor. It's fused so just uncouple the inline fuse. Unscrew the six(?) screws attaching the heater core to the plenum. Remove blower box.   Make sure all rubber hose lines going to the heater are disconnected.   Finally pull heater box in toward you and tip it slightly to get out of the way of the firewall. It should drop right into your hands. Prepare for an avalanche of of leaves, pine needles and mouse droppings. You now have a stepdown heater core in your hands.
  • JDutraJDutra Posts: 38Member
    Thank you Lance. Very helpful. It does not appear that I have the capillary sender tube. There also is no rubber drain tube from the bottom port on the blower box.  Once I reinstall, where will that tube drain to?
  • LanceLance Posts: 1,026Member
    The drain tube attaches to the bottom of the blower box. There is a fitting that will be very obvious. .From there it goes into the tranny floor pan hole and out through the firewall.
  • JDutraJDutra Posts: 38Member
    I was able to remove the blower box and other items.  There seems to be some type of black frame that is attached to the bottom of the plenum that is preventing the heater core (assume it is the silver honeycomb in the picture) from coming out. The frame appears to be some type of foam of rubber and it is either glued or over the years has become affixed to the metal of he plenum. I imagine that I need to just pry this off?  Is this piece critical in the event my efforts to carefully pry off are unsuccessful?
  • Ric West INRic West IN Posts: 506Senior Contributor
    The "frame" is part of the heater core, be carefull!
  • RichardDRichardD Posts: 745Member
    might need to use POR15 toward the end of that.
  • skarecrowskarecrow Posts: 2Member
    SO does he pry that loose? or do you have to pull that entire box from the car.. 
  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 792Member
    The box does not come out.
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