Need help identifying car

EWoodardEWoodard Posts: 2Member
I have a 33 Terraplane 6 4 door sedan. Car number is 14278.  The tag has a place for a Model Number, but it is blank. It has the louvered hood, not doors, so it is a 6. Is it a K or a KU? How do I tell?  Any production numbers?  Any other interesting tidbits? Car was initially blue.  Has wire wheels.  


  • 53jetman53jetman Posts: 1,225Senior Contributor
    Judging from the car vin it is a model KU with the longer wheelbase of the Terraplane 8 which is 113"
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,975Administrator
    For calendar year 1933, Hudson shipped 38,150 Terraplane passenger cars and 430 commercial cars or chassis.  The KU model was available in either the "Deluxe" or "Special Six" trim levels.  The serial number would not (so far as I know) indicate which of those two models  you have.
  • EWoodardEWoodard Posts: 2Member
    Thanks!  Ok, its  KU; I'll get one of the kids to measure the wheelbase to make sure. What made the deluxe different than the Special Six?
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,975Administrator
    With luck, some expert can jump in here to answer your question.  As I say, I think the difference would be in the trim level, so it might include paint and upholstery choices, chrome trim, etc.  I believe "Air Wheel" style tires might have been standard on one of the models (fatter tires than the usually-skinny ones of that era), but I don't know for sure.
  • 53jetman53jetman Posts: 1,225Senior Contributor
    The Deluxe was a package which included front fender top parking lights, a right side tail light, fabric spare tire cover plus upgraded trim inside as well as a chrome windshield molding.
  • 29sptphaeton29sptphaeton Posts: 256Member
    Every 33 Terraplane that I've owned had the model blank on the vin. Tag. The hood on the long wheelbase 33 6cyl. Has a blank panel ahead of the louvers at the front of the hood before the grill.
    on the short wheelbase 33 6cyl. The louvers go all the way to The front of the hood.
    I've also noticed that on 1929 Hudson the model is blank on the vin. Tag on Biddle & Smart bodied cars. Ed
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