List of Upcoming Local Hudson Meets

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Here's a list of upcoming chapter meets, which is posted on the Hudson club's website.  This is not a complete list, just the events which have been sent to the editor of our online calendar of events.


  • BillUSN1BillUSN1 Member
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    Feb 18th is the NW meet in Puyallup, WA

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    The meet schedule is the one that gets published in the WTN.  There is a editor in the Midwest that collects a calendar which sweeps up all the meets from newsletters... have not seen this one in a while
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    It was our purpose in providing this new "Events" category (at the Open Forum), to give a place where individuals could list various Hudson meets around the country and the world.  (Many visitors here, not belonging to the H-E-T, might not otherwise know of Hudson events happening near them).

    Ken, if you want to, by all means publish a link to the midwestern collection of upcoming meets!  (It deserves its own discussion under "Events", though!)

    Likewise, Bill, why don't you give the NW meet its own posting (under "Events"), so it gets more attention.  It will be more prominent that way.

  • bobdriveshudson2bobdriveshudson2 Expert Adviser
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    DONT FORGET THE PIGEON FORGE MEET. Oct 26-28. Will include a flea market, usually behind the motel, good spot protected from vehicle traffic.  Come see, kick tires, eat, shop and learn about Hudsons, my Dad worked for a dealer.
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    how much for spot to sell parts
  • Nevada HudsonNevada Hudson Senior Contributor
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    And the HET National meet.
  • bobdriveshudson2bobdriveshudson2 Expert Adviser
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    Not aware of any charges, get there early for the best spots.
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    All-Cal Meet will be Oct. 12-15 in San Simeon.  Hope to see everyone there!   B)
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