Interesting car auction from 2011, in Oakland, CA

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Did anyone know about this?  There are some fascinating cars, including several Hudson trucks, pre- and postwar, plus vintage trailers, and Studebaker coupe-express pickups.  The prices are (in most cases) astoundingly low, except in a few cases where they are right through the roof.  It's fun to look at some of these cars, and dream.

Does anyone know who bought any of these?

EXAMPLE:  sold for $2,500.


  • allanallan Member
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    auction was July 12, 2011.
  • drivergo2drivergo2 Expert Adviser
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    The stuff that dreams are made of
  • SuperDaveSuperDave Senior Contributor
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    Todays high price is tomorrows bargain.   So buy my 49 convert... today. LOL

    Live in the past.... it's cheaper.

    49 Super six Brougham

    49 Commodore Eight Convertible

    Melbourne, Florida

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