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I apologize for not knowing the proper terminology, but I'm looking for advice on what to do with the baffle in the exhaust manifold.  As you can see in the picture, I'm pretty much missing all the parts, such as the thermostatic spring.  The rod that would hold the end of the spring has rusted/worn down to a nub.  My dad said we'd have to drill that out and press in a new rod or something.

Since I will primarily only be driving in the summer, should I even mess with this in the first place?  If I don't need it, should I remove the baffles from inside somehow?

If it IS something I should restore, any advice on how to do that?  Is the spring for a Twin H manifold the same as a single carb?  

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    I have removed the internal baffle and blocked the exhaust from all of my cars.  Better flow through the exhaust manifold and no vapor locking issues from ethanol.  Just my 2 cents worth.
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    I have removed the entire assembly on two 262's I have done. Tapped the two holes in the manifold and put short bolts in them to seal them off. I used a thin stainless steel plate . I found a scrap of thin stainless at a restaurant supply shop. Probably a cut out for a sink. If you are going to use the dual exhaust aftermarket outlet, be sure you don't use too much stainless and gasket material between the intake and exhaust. if you do, the dual outlet may rest on the oil pump and cause the manifold to not compress the gasket and cause a vacuum leak.

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    Dave, I have OEM intake and exhaust manifolds.  No headers.

    I understand putting bolts or plugs in the holes, but what did you use the "stainless plate" for?

    How did you remove the assembly?  It looks like I'd have to cut on each side of the center baffle?  I don't think I have the proper tool for that...

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    1954 Hornet Coupe - Originally my Grandfather's
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    I echo all the suggestions above. I remove mine too or 'block the Baffle' in the Open position since mainly drive warm weather..If leave baffle In manifold wont need plug the shaft holes. You should be able to wire clamp the counter weight nubbin to hold open.

    Additionally, if stock Exhaust maifold (no headers) wont need the thin S/S plate. If manifold is off then remove baffle then drill & tap shaft holes
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    Appreciate all the comments and clarifications.  We have new Dual exhaust manifold adapters available for sale, if interested,  contact us with a private message or find my  phone # in the club roster, Bob Parks.  Thanks
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    I also blocked it off on the 1936 Terraplane...used a carriage bolt with a rounded head, with the head inside the manifold. Filed off the square part below the head.

    Did it that way because the carriage bolt head is rounded for better flow. 

    I believe it goes faster now. :p
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