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My wife and I would like to say a special thank you to all the help and encouragement to finish our Hollywood. and also thank Hudson grandpa and Old Farmer for posting the pictures. Also I was wondering if any body might have pictures of a 54 Hollywood that has a continental kit and a outside sun visor both on the same car, Thanks again  Ray & Francine


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    Ray I do not have a picture as you requested, but I have several pictures of 1954 Hornets that have both or either of the items installed,  they are part of this post...
    54 Hudson Hornet 4dr in snow.jpg
    800 x 600 - 30K
    1600 x 1067 - 1M
    350 x 211 - 25K
    carsHudson54Hornet continental.jpg
    873 x 578 - 46K
    640 x 480 - 58K
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    Thanks Ken. I was wondering if both od these options would look good on our car.  What do you think.  Ray
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    Ray: drive the car enjoy it as it is and if then you think the  visor and continental are needed... press on
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    I agree with Oldfarmer!  Drive and then see if you want the accessories later. Both of these items I feel are acquired tastes.  Personally, I feel the visor takes away from the clean lines of the stepdown design.  This is especially true of the '54 as it was the beginning, albeit short-lived, of the stepdown moving to more modern styling and the visor is a leftover of styles in the '30s, '40s and early '50s.  Unlike the visor, which at least had function, the continental kit is for eye candy only and a PITA if you have to get stuff in and out of the trunk.

    The '54 Hollywood is an awesome looking car on its own merits and does not need any extras that take away from it, in my humble opinion.
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    Hi Ray.  I agree with the previous posts.  Obviously I love the look and clean lines of the '54 Hollywood and don't believe they need any other add-ons like a visor or continental kit.  With the narrow windshield, a visor isn't really needed to help keep out bright sunshine, especially if you have a tinted windshield.  Drive and enjoy.  You will love it.

    Tim in WI.   
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