Why Two Forums ?

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    This subject has been kicked around before. So I will throw my thoughts out there.

  If you don't want to spend the extra $ to have access to the club, or you just don't like the participation in the club formality..  I offer these examples.

  #1..$$ The dues you pay go towards the club library that has reams of "free data". Others have paid for, so perhaps your contribution will further the library and keep this info available. What I am saying , is that you don't have to buy the manuals as long as they are available "on line". A very large savings!

 #2.. I shun "meetings", so I don't go to them and accepted the fact that I would have to accept the results of not participating.  

 #3.  I posted some parts needs here on this forum. didn't get the response I needed. I went to the "Members only"          forum and not only got what I was looking for, but found someone that needed a part I had. We agreed to swap parts. Both of us are happy with the results. without that forum, we would both still be "lookin'".

 #4.  I recently picked up a tip on how to remove rusted screws and bolts. I have an ASE degree in car mechanics. I have been bending wrenches and skinning knuckles since about 1955. and I learned something new today. OH !.. What is an A.S.T. degree?   "Advanced Shade Tree." And what was the tip? It's in plain sight on the HET Forum..

As Jon has said in many posts.. This forum doesn't have all the Hudson nuts in one place!

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