Hudson Misc parts lot

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Hello I'm looking to sell this lot of parts. I have a Vintage full flow set up that has never been used in the box for a 308, a set of ARP 1/2" head studs with washers and bolts(missing one stud combo, A new in box chevy ballancer with the crank snout machined for 308 (so you can run a chevy double pulley), a repop hudson lifting bracket for 308 engine, a set of billet aluminium intake flanges to make your own intake, an original hudson double pulley the lip is chipped but ive seen these repaired, two thermostat housing gaskets, and a rear view mirror which has the offset swivel (i think this is a 54) I'm looking to get $250 for the whole lot. I will cover shipping in the US
1632 x 1224 - 742K
1632 x 1224 - 632K
1632 x 1224 - 530K
1632 x 1224 - 722K
1632 x 1224 - 649K


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    Please check your PMs.


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    Thank you Frank
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    Can you tell me what the part number or engine size and or application that the Harmonic Balancer is from?  Thanks,  Dave.
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    Looking for the round coil springs used in the hood support posts for my '46 bigboy PU.  I understand that there is a fellow that had some made if you do not have a couple.  Please respond, with any information to Byron Hight   THANKS
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