Part numbers.???

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Has anyone got a listing for 157381 Part number.???


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    I have a numerical parts price list published in 1946. which should cover all Hudsons from1927 thru1946. The closest I could find was 157382..Sping cover assy. rear LH, front RH, Fits model 89,90 which was 38-39 Hudson 112

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  • Huddy42Huddy42 Senior Contributor
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    Thanks superDave,I have the same books and came up with the same,but,no number I was looking. for either.,
  • Ric West INRic West IN Senior Contributor
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    157381 is the forging number for the "short" stroke engines, 1938-1942.
    157369 is for the 212 cu 6 cyl. and 254 8 cyl.
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    Thank you Ric,they certainly are the short stroke rods by measurement.
  • FrankvintagefullflowcomFrankvintagefullflowcom Senior Contributor
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    I assume you realize that the shorter rod is for the longer stroke engines and visa-versa.


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