Hudson Hornet Gas Tank

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All, has anyone found a fuel injection gas tank compatible with the current Step-down tank location. I wish to mount the tank under the trunk and use the original  fill location.  A few of the early 53-55 chevy tanks are about the same size..... Any help would be appreciated.



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    I used a 55 chevy tank for my 53 coupe. Canadian made tank from rock auto.
    Fuel neck is not in the right spot so I had a welder/metal fab shop remove the filler neck from my unusable stepdown tank and weld it into the correct position. The tank is not quite as tall as the original, so about 3/4 inch of foam was used between tank and body. Original tank straps hold it in. Works great.
    Total cost w/ sending unit from rock auto about $350.
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    Did sending unit work accurately with stock unit? Available w/o sending unit? Tks.

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    Hi J.C.,
    Take a look at Tanks Inc. gas tanks. The give photos and dimensions on all of their tanks. They also have some tanks that are generic and here again, they give photos and dimensions. They also have all of the accessories needed for an installation plus videos.
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    Hudson Hornet After Market Gas Tank Install

    Thanks to all of your ideas regarding the replacement /upgrade of the stock tank in my Hornet I decided to go with a modified Tanks Inc unit.  I started with a 1949-52 Chevy tank (51-CG). This tank can be used with either an internal or external fuel pump and can be used with both fuel injection or normally aspirated engines. I still need to build a box around the pass-thru in the trunk.


    1.       I did need to modify the 1-1/2” Fuel intake flange to adjust the 20 degree tank offset back to 90 degrees. (see attached photo)

    2.       I used a 25 deg 1-1/2” Fuel fill neck (part # Ch001GA25) from Filler Neck Supply Co.  I attached this from the underside of the filler neck enclosure using steel pop-rivets.  (See attached photo)

    3.       The stock tank straps were replaced with those from Tanks Inc. However I did need to relocate the passenger side strap to better fit the tank.

    4.       I drilled two holes in the frame to allow access to the tank from the fill neck hose and vent.

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    Good job,  thanks for posting.
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