'46 Hudson big Boy parts: odds and ends

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I'm so thrilled to be the new owner of a '46 Big Boy
I have  a number of parts for sale or trade:
driveshaft, , radiator, 2- complete doors, tin, 2 - '46 auto rear fenders, heater, some chrome.

Trade? I need 4 radial 6.50 x 16's, a jack,  as well as the lower protective shield for the fly wheel. 


640 x 480 - 118K


  • wanderer23464yahoocomwanderer23464yahoocom Expert Adviser
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    Where are these parts?
  • rkee0308rkee0308 Member
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    What chrome pieces do you still have, if any? I too have a 46 pickup but unfortunately it didn't come with any of the trim pieces.
  • 40indianssgmailcom40indianssgmailcom Senior Contributor
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    I have ss hood side trim, cowl, and doors and outside door handles.  I am in walla walla
  • rkee0308rkee0308 Member
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    How much are you asking for all of the trim? I don't need the doors or door handles, I actually have 2 sets of doors that came with my truck. Would you be willing to ship? I'm up in Spokane. 
  • 40indianssgmailcom40indianssgmailcom Senior Contributor
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    I forgot to include the year of mine, it is 47,so I don't know if the 47 and 46 trim profiles are exactly alike.  I meant hood cowl and door trim not doors.  I will look at the trim as I recall they are really nice with no dings but will need new clips
  • rkee0308rkee0308 Member
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    The 46 and 47 are identical as far as I have found. Just let me know and we will go from there. 

  • ByronByron Member
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    Looking for the round coil springs used in the hood support posts for my '46 bigboy PU.  I understand that there is a fellow that had some made if you do not have a couple.  Please respond, with any information to Byron Hight  wacoykc@hotmail.com   THANKS
  • 29sptphaeton29sptphaeton Member
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    The reproduction trunk springs for 46-48 Fords support arms look like they would work on 46-48 Hudson hood support arms?
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