added another story to my blog about my 48 Commodore build

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if anyone has any interest feel free to read it here:


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    Entertaining read. Keep it up.
  • triman62triman62 Posts: 214Member
    Very interesting and perplexing, thanks for entertaining posts. Good luck with your project.
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    Enjoyed reading your blog.  Love your honesty and keeping track of your success/failures in written form is a great mediator in learning so much about oneself.  Let me tell you something:  Do with your car what you want to do with it and don't worry about what anyone else thinks.  If you are enjoying yourself with the process, then that's what the old car hobby is really all about.  The satisfaction of doing it yourself is priceless.  

    I often think we get too caught up in pigeonholing ourselves into various sub-categories of the hobby, and (sometimes)  chastising those who don't think like we do.  Ce la vie.  It's human nature.  Fortunately, I got to a point in my life some time ago where I just didn't care how someone else judged my hobby (another reason I don't vie for trophies).   I was gonna do it how I wanted to do it and made up my mind I wasn't gonna settle for less than what I wanted.  That's why I spent 9 years restoring my last Hudson (in my avatar).  Don't worry about your mistakes, that's how you learn and it's also what makes the successes so much sweeter.  

    Stick with it, enjoy the process, keep up the great work and have fun doing it!  
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    I got to agree the man has a way with words that just makes you want to keep reading.
    Im sure im not the only one with a grin on as I read thinking.. "Oh yeahh been there...."

    personaly yeah i like the planning and building but it can be a blooding frustrating process.  for me the fun bit is driving the beast. my bird front center, arm out the window or around her, sun shining and tunes blasting as i floor it and it roars as it opens up.

    Dude i scraped the alphabet idea for planing and started using a numerical system due to the revisions. I even tried linking them in a spread sheet in a complicated formula of excellence that only the truly gifted or insane could comprehend. Made perfect sense to me for a few days till i added a new plan. no 36441.

    So yes im a big spreadsheet fan. And even after all these years i ALWAY underbudget.
    Alex Says: "65k for car and build. easy! will be able do whole thing npnp baby! Thanks you will love it"
    I got $25k left and still got to figure out front end, and more mechanicals along with getting the really expensive and heavy bits from the states where they currently sit at LAs docks. So no paint n interior for me. White ratrod leadslead / old turd that handles and drives like a dream.
    But i did get a cool shrukenhead from the UK 0.0' and the mexican blanks are nice.. right? never mind the faint smell of rat shit coming from the headliner.

    Why limit your self to "Restored" or "hot rod"... roll on "Custom Resto Mod" aka Restored as best i could but the fact my lights are not even is custom and i meant to do it... oh and yes they are ones from a honda civic and smaller/cheaper. Also custom. wait Kustom cus anytime you swap out the C for K is kool right.

    I really wish you the best of luck with the I8. If you got the junk for the ignition then great with luck it will be roaring in no time. Just note as others have said - you are more than likely going to have to rebuild it even if it goes.

    I also cant believe they would put the distributor under the intake on the I8.
    And extremely surprised some of the guys here who have I8 have not chirped up with ideas how to take it out easy with out removing the intake, guard or god knows what. Like come on guys it aint hard get out the cell phone take a series of pics and flick em up for the guy. or a vid.

    Hang in there bro.
    The fact you did your doors and maybe interior has inspired me to do mine. (also need watch my funding so yeahh...) not sure about seats may farm those out to a pro. same with headliner as i have tried putting those in other cars and always get a wrinkle.

    Best of luck and i hope more restoration guys help you out.


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