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Has anyone ever had a problem with installing an outside sunvisor on any stepdown?   There is an indication in the parts book which I think relates to a different bracket for a Hollywood but can a 48-51 visor be put on a 52-3 Hornet  sedan with no trouble?


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    Not positive , but I think the brackets on the sides are different to clear the molding around windshield.
    The visors should interchange. I had a 49 with the later side brackets , worked just fine.
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    lostmind has it right.  The later brackets are deeper to clear the molding around windshield.  Bentmetal makes the larger brackets.  We had a post on the forum (not sure which one) about this very thing.  
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    Here it is:

    I have since put on the brackets and showed pics, I'll see if I still have those handy.  
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     Here's some pics to show visor installed with larger brackets.  Bentmetal made the brackets for me.  imageimageimage
    4898 x 3265 - 918K
    4898 x 3265 - 641K
    4898 x 3265 - 925K
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    What are the size differences...in inches?  The brackets on mine barely clear the windshield trim but it looks as though I mount mine higher on the gutter than Russ's. My visor is going on a '51 Hollywood with the stainless gutter bling.
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    From my hudson restoration websiteimage Mod instructions for no trim and full trim gutter. Hudson visors had one or other Brackets depending on car it was ordered for.
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    Byron here (forum newbie)
       Just acquired a Fulton exterior sun visor I want to attach to my '47 "Twin H" Bigboy. Naturally it came with no brackets.  With all the pictures I've been able to find, it appears that every body style appears to be different, and the only actual installation I seen at a car show had what appears to be homemade bent sheet metal bracts that were actually screwed to both the visor and windshield posts with "selftappers" very ugly. but then with no 'rain gutters' what other attachment method is there? Any recommendations for existing brackets to use, (or other ideas) would be greatly appreciated. 
       Being new to the Hudson environment, I've installed a "Twin H" drive train, with a couple 7X goodies.  I have no idea of the year of this setup, but the Hydro trans has a fairly major oil leak from the rear seal.  Pulling out the seal, for P/N's my Napa auto stores cross reference it to a skinny seal that leaks oil quicker that I can pour it in.  Any ideas P/N's etc.  
       I'm sure that you won't hear the last of me.  This 70 year old Hudson pickup and give my Ford Lightning fits across an intersection, I've sent many snooty SOB's home crying to mama. HUDSON (bigboys) forever.........Byron     wacoykc@hotmail.com   
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     I installed a Visor on my '47 Trk by making the brackets using cardboard templates curving slightly onto the roof. I used a pc of polished stainless with stainless screws. I was reluctant to drill the Rood but no other way.

     I dont think the brackets look bad since their not very large. I did buy the center 'clamp' bracket available from an E Bay supplier. Attached picture if want to see appearance with a Visor. I dont believe my visor is as as large as a Fulton though. 

    If serious, I can take a close up of my bracket in a few days when I get Trk out of storage
    Pr Hud Trks 001.JPG
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    Without the center bracket, me thinks these things will become a drone. And then I thought of '54s?
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    Hey Guys, many thjanks for the responce.  I think that I'm going to give this a lot of thought before I go drilling holes in anything.  I did notice an A/C pump in one of the pics. Thats my next project.  Is there a pump mount available, or maybe drawings etc.  I have the entire a/c & 2 shev pully installed all except for the pume. The included pic. is my target, all except for the frenched headlights.....Byron
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