blandineblandine Member
I am new here. I leave in France and I just acquired an old Hudson Essex 8 to refurbish.
I am looking for parts, mostly 6 tires, 1 rim and a mascot.

Any idea who could sell me these parts in the US?
Thank you for your help



  • Jon BJon B Administrator
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    Greetings, Blandine!

    Could you please list the parts that you need?  Someone may be able to help you. 

    If you have an "Essex 8", it must be a 1933 Essex-Terraplane.  That is the only year Essexes were available with an eight cylinder engine.

    Perhaps you could post a photograph of your car, for us all to see!

    What part of France do you live in?  Possibly one of our forum members live in France, and could offer you some help, parts or advice.
  • ESSX28-1ESSX28-1 Senior Contributor
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     Coker, Universal or Lucas should all be able to supply tyres & maybe rims.

    Dave Y
    New Zealand
    Dave Y New Zealand
  • StillOutThereStillOutThere Expert Adviser
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    Please provide a serial number for your car and a photo if possible.   As it is an 8 cylinder we know it is 1930 or later.   But the name terminology is totally lost in the hobby today.  Sort that out for us with the car number.  Thanks.
  • ByronByron Member
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    Looking for the round coil springs used in the hood support posts for my '46 bigboy PU.  I understand that there is a fellow that had some made if you do not have a couple.  Please respond, with any information to Byron Hight   THANKS
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