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So I found a body and will be going through the process of getting a title. Just curious as to what others have done? I couldn't really imagine there was much of a title back in 1927. The body has the vin plate/serial # still. Just wondering what I'm in for, and what the street legal Hudsons have to get plates. I have the packet from the dmv and it doesn't look to bad just filling stuff out and waiting


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    Success depends heavily on which state you're attempting to title it.  Some require only a bill of sale, some a bill of sale along with a prior proof of registration and others will not title without having a existing title to transfer. Some states also offer the option to go the bonded title route. If you're attempting to build a street rod or homemade vehicle the laws are even more ambiguous state-to-state.
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    In Florida, you have to have a notarized bill of sale and a Vin verification form filled out and signed by law enforcement or notary.
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    See if this is of any help.

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    Kerry, the title I got in FL for my car was not notarized at all nor was the bill of sale. Just looking at the copy of it again to be sure I wasn't dreaming. We did the transaction in a bank only because he wanted to put the bank money order in his acct.

    I thought it was pure crazy, aka Alabama.  I was sweating NC even accepting it.  I had two DOT inspectors come to the garage to inspect the car, check VIN, motor number, and take photos or it; stayed about an hour. Thought I was going to have take them for a ride in it !!!

    KS is where it gets really bad. A friend from there bought a '40 Chevy in CA last year and it took him about 4 months to get every thing straight so they would even issue a tag. Cost  $3000.+ to do it all. It was a $65,000. hot rod custom conv. 


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    I am located in New Jersey and I had my car titled in Maine. The paperwork came to me. I went to the DMV with the title and a bill of sale and all went smoothly.
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    I daresay they make it as difficult as humanly possible - don't want to make it easy for the thieves do we?

    Back in the 1980's when the wall came down, an east german family unearthed a 1930's Mercedes military staff
    car they stole at the end of the war, hid behind a brick wall of their farm house waiting for the time they could use it legally when the communist rule finished. Personally I would call that theft - wonder how many other prized stolen cars are sitting hidden waiting for a "rebirth"  I'd be really careful of cars without documentation - an owner or family from years ago just may come "a knocking" down the track as government records are more easy to read and streamlined online in the future.across the globe cheers Ken  
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    Parkerm - how long ago did you title your car in Maine? What year was the car? I was under the impression they do not title cars that are more than 15 (?) years.  I have friends that have been successful in using a bill of sale from Maine to register/title their cars in PA but wasn't aware that you could actually title the car in Maine. 
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    I did this four years ago for a 1940. I actually bought the car in PA and then got it titled in Maine.
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    I had one heck of a time getting my title straightened out in NC.  The problem was the VIN from SC was nowhere to be found on the car (probably taken from the motor), whereas the correct VIN was on the passenger side front door frame.  It took me from February until last week to get a title with the correct VIN via the bond posting method.  I made at least six trips to DMV before I finally got the paperwork right.  
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    1927 body, I do not think you are trying to obtain a title for a car but for a car part.  My suggestion, would be to buy a parts car (you need the parts anyway) that has a title.  But, to your question--some states it is a simple process, some it is next to impossible.  Either way, good luck on the quest.
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    Thanks for all the input. I have a appointment to get it looked at by the sharifs dept on August 3. I need them to look at it before I can fill out the form for a title search. I kinda think they will just laugh at what I have. The more I look on Craigslist at different older cars and even just bodys of older cars many of them don't have titles. Sooo, it seems fairly common and I just have my fingers crossed.
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