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1952 wasp coupe deck lid 100% rust free,1954 coupe deck lid 100% rust free,1953 pacemaker or wasp hood 100% rust free, 1953 coupe doors left and right 95% rust free. email for prices . located in Michigan ,can bring to national if prepaid. pics on request. 28 year club member.


  • 2manyprojects2manyprojects Expert Adviser
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    1952 wasp coupe deck lid sold, will deliver at the national. will be listing some more parts soon.

  • KdancyKdancy Senior Contributor
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    How does one get in touch with you? I tried your e-mail and never recieved an answer. Tried calling
    the number in roster, no worky.
    53 Super Super Wasp Coupe
    53 Studebaker Coupe Custom
    64 Champ pickup
    53 Hornet Coupe od no drivetrain,  haven't decided what to do with this 
    Wellborn, Fl
  • 2manyprojects2manyprojects Expert Adviser
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    email works fine I got your message
  • DocHublerDocHubler Expert Adviser
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    Looking for a correct 52 Wasp hood with triangle ornament.  Car hood has been replaced with a 53 hood/hood ornament.

    Do all 52 Wasp decklids have the Wasp emblem?  I've seen a number that don't.  I will check for filled holes, but a car I have coming in is missing the emblem, and decklid is correct otherwise with all attachments.
  • 2manyprojects2manyprojects Expert Adviser
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    more parts for sale can bring to national if prepaid, can send photos on request. 1937 Hudson 8  front bumper with both brackets needs plating chrome dull not peeling,1940 8 cylinder exhaust pipe nos manifold to muffler section, 1954 sedan deck lid, 1937 exhaust pipe nos has tag #226 model 73 74 75 6 cylinder 1947 tail pipe over rear axle to rear bumper, 1948-1949 4 door right rear fender nos part # 212020 written on it
  • Nevada HudsonNevada Hudson Senior Contributor
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    Dennis Flint needs a '53 Wasp hood, but might not fit in his Subaru.
  • ByronByron Member
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    Looking for the round coil springs used in the hood support posts for my '46 bigboy PU.  I understand that there is a fellow that had some made if you do not have a couple.  Also need cowl fresh air door. Please respond, with any information to Byron Hight   THANKS
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