I know it's not a Hudson ...

PaulButlerPaulButler Administrator
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but I have to say that I do like this 1954 Kaiser-Darrin Sport Convertible which is a lot in the Greenwich Concours d'Elegance Auction at Greenwich CT 5th June


  • StillOutThereStillOutThere Expert Adviser
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    Its a very VERY big hobby with thousands of very VERY cool cars built all over the world.  The Darrin is certainly one of them.
  • RL ChiltonRL Chilton Administrator, Moderator
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    Yes, very cool-looking cars. Would have been much more successful if they hadn't been so severely under-powered. Could've made do with a Hornet engine. LOL!
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  • WingfruitWingfruit Member
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    Agreed. That is absolutely gorgeous. 
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