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Hello, I never made a formal introduction (oops) so here goes. My husband and I just recently got into the Hudson scene because we named our son Hudson(now 5 months old) that probably sounds silly to some, but we wanted a unique, manly name for him, but also had to be car related as we are both mechanics. As I was bumming around on Craigslist (my favorite website) out of nowhere when searching for trucks, pops up a Hudson Six. Well long story short it was the right price and I just couldn't pass up an opportunity like this to own a Hudson, and how cool it would be to pass it on to my little Hudson. We are probably one of the youngest Hudson owners on here (in our early 30s,no offense) which is awesome! We love being able to have the opportunity to get all the wisdom from senior Hudson owners, as I already found out our 1947 Hudson Super Six turned out to be a 1942 Hudson Six! (Thankful for all the help). Well that about sums it up for now, so here's a pic of our little Hudson! We also live in Richmond, MI if there's any other Hudson owners in MI! -Amber, Matt and little Hudson


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    Welcome to the forum!  I'm sure you will find all the information you need to restore your Hudson (the car, that is).  I also have a son named, Hudson.  It's a great, strong name. If you haven't already joined the HET Club, it would be a good idea to do so.  Networking with fellow Hud-Nuts goes a long way in helping to get your '42 back on the road.  Please keep us posted with your progress and post lots of pics and ask lots of questions!  
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    Thanks RL Chilton! That's awesome your son is named Hudson too! We will be joining the club, just have to do the paperwork! I will definetly post pictures of our progress!
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    Welcome (formally)!  Yes, I suspect you are among the youngest Hudson owners (not counting children your son's age who might be in the process of inheriting their grandfather's car!).  Although there are a lot of grey hairs in this club, we're young at heart and active (we have to be, to keep our Hudsons properly maintained!).

    Good lookin' kid, hope to run into you all at a Hudson meet before too long!

    As you may know, by now, the Hudson club has many chapters and the Michigan chapter is called the "Hudson Motor Car Company Home" chapter.  Here is a link to a map of the chapters: .  As you can see, there are several surrounding chapters and many of these have active meet schedules, so you might want to keep your ears open.  I'm sure you'd be more than welcome to show up at a meet, even if you weren't a member (however, after the second of third time someone may start twisting your arm to join!).

    You might want to do an assessment on your newly-acquired Hudson (the one made of metal, not your son!) and work up a bunch of questions and parts needs.  Then head out to one of these meets and get to know fellow '42 (and '46-7 as well) owners, who may be able to give you technical advice as well as steer you in the direction of parts.  Hudson people tend to be friendly, helpful and interesting people to know.

    Here's a list of chapters and their "contact people" if you want to see what's cookin' in your area this spring or summer.  (It's arranged by region):

    Here's a list of chapter meets around the country (though many meets never get listed here):

    Here's a list of regional events around the country:

    Whatever you do, be careful not to overpay for parts.  Beware of non-Hudson people who want to sell you a "rare Hudson condenser, only $15", when a Hudson vendor might sell you one for $4.  There is plenty of stuff out there, reasonably priced, if you know where to look.

    If I could offer a bit more advice: just get this thing running (safely, with doors that latch and brakes that work) before you start pouring thousands of dollars into making it a trophy-winner.  That could take years and young Hudson and his wife may present you with a grandchild before you finally finish!  Just get it on the highway and enjoy it, there will be plenty of time to turn it into a trophy-winner later!

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    Thank you Jon B! We will be joining the club and can't wait to start meeting people! So far everyone we have come across seems very nice and helpful! Haha we plan on just getting it running and driving for now as we like to cruise our old stuff (like our 61' Merc all original) and enjoy it! We are the outcasts of the younger generation but love it, cars are our life! Thanks, we hope you can meet us all too!
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     I agree with with Jon .B I have two hudsons, both running i up grade every winter and drive all summer if you don't drive them you my lose intrest in them I have a 1947 chevy i took apart 29 years ago, still not driveing it I drove my 51  hudsons conv to colo.nat. I would say the worst looking car there. a 2,000 mile round trip and a lot of people like to see them not done. so get it runnig and injoy it Dan P.S I live in Minnasota lots of time to work on them here
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    I agree with you guys, I would rather show my cars off by driving them not storing them and trailering them!
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    '47 Hudson,
    Welcome to the Hudson Family. You probably know they did not make very many '42's because of the War. Fortunately most of the '46 & '47 parts interchange. There's nothing wrong with keeping your Hudson in its original Patina....

    Actually, a few yrs ago while letting my wife out in front of a large Ski Resort a prominent couple walking by  said she learned to drive in a simlar Hudson asking if she could sit in it. I said yes, but i started to mention all its flaws, cracks in the aged paint but planed to repaint it someday when she turned to me seriously asking why, since It gives it real character' then added 'You wouldnt buy an old dresser or stand in an Antique Store then go refinish it would you'?
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    Our 36 Terraplane in the parade with grandgirl Sharah hitching a ride.
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    Well Amber, you've helped a Hudson guy out already. 

    I grabbed my roster to see how many of our Hudson people are in Michigan (170) and found an envelope I thought I'd mailed two months ago with the vehicle owner trail and bill of sale for a truck I sold 10 years ago so he can eventually get it registered.. 

    Mercy, it might have been another 2 months.  I'd better call the guy. 


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    Uncle Josh, nice Terraplane and your grand daughter looks like she's having fun! Wow that's a surprise knowing 170 Hudson people in MI..well I'm glad I could help! Haha I'm sure he will be happy when you call him :smiley: Ol Racer, thank you for the welcoming! Ya to my surprise the car we bought was nothing the guy said it was haha well I guess it's his loss for letting it rot in his backyard! That's an awesome story, and really makes perfect sense!
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    I am another young one, currently Hudsonless but like your son I have a great first name for these cars. Welcome to the club you will have a lot of fun with the people and the cars.
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    Thanks hudshornet! So far everyone seems to be awesome!
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    welcome to the world of Hudsons.   I am a from Grosse ile mi and own several Hudsons. got into them because i have a body shop which was  started as a body shop in 1936  then was a hudson dealer from 1948 until 1957. the showroom is still 1950s and always has a Hudson of some sort in it.   I have a grandson also named Hudson.  
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    G'day '47,
    I live down under (Australia) we own a 1942 Hudson two door brougham, we imported it from the USA in
    1989  with 14093 miles original on speedo. It is the only 1942 in Australia, and one of a very few in the world.
    I wish you all the best in your buying the '42. Ours is all original except for a repaint done in the USA in 1980.

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    Hudsonjeff, how cool to own a body shop that was a Hudson dealership! Where the body shop at I may have to come see it! Love your grandsons name ;) Huddy42 Australia is a long ways away lol, how cool to know you have the same car, I wonder how many are left?! I am not sure how original mine is I know the interior is Hudson is pretty rough though she needs some love, and only has 19,900 I would love to get the back story on the car, I'm curious if maybe the guy that bought the car and went to war and that's why the mileage is so low? Never know..nice to meet you both hudsonjeff and huddy42!
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