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Nice straight no dings or dents or cancer,surface rust spots only-$150.I also have a rust free set of hinges-$75, and supports-$50image
3648 x 2736 - 4M


  • bull_islanderbull_islander Expert Adviser
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    Where are you at?
    Steve Clarke
    Southeast Virginia
    1954 Hornet convertible

  • 53hud5453hud54 Member
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    I'm in Susquehanna,PA,northeast corner.30 north of Scranton
  • wetasswillywetasswilly Member
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    still have the hood hinges ?
  • 53hud5453hud54 Member
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    wetasswilly,sent p.m.,since the hood is back in the picture,it is still available and could be delivered to Carlisle this fall.
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