A must see from over 100 Years ago for all car nuts.

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I found four of these post cards in my Hudson stash and had to share.I did the back in two parts to read easier.Tried posting on Forum but couldn't attach pictures.I wonder how many people today know about this technology lost to big oil.imageimageimage
3648 x 2736 - 4M
3648 x 2736 - 4M
3648 x 2736 - 5M


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    Always happy to learn something new! Thanks
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    I read somewhere that there where over 10,000 electric cars in New York at this time.It's too bad the oil companies had more money than the small in comparison electric companies,or we might be driving electric Hudsons! 
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    It's too bad??  OMG, I consider that a HUGE blessing.  
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    It's too bad??  OMG, I consider that a HUGE blessing.  
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    Can the two of you explain your reply.
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    I just thought a Tesla powered Hudson would be pretty cool,just a little faster than the old 308,and Hudson might still be alive,and we would all be breathing better today.If you haven't experienced the Tesla yet,do so,better than my last plane ride! Hey,there's a challenge for Gas Monkey Garage!! Besides I was just being a wiseass,anybody that likes what big oil did to this country is nuts.
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    That's awesome. Thanks for sharing. 
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    Big oil had noting to do with the demise of electric vehicles.  It was the battery technology (just as it is today).  Now public transportation that is a different story.  But think about it.  Battery technology was even more primitive back then than it is now.  They were heavy, no range and most were dry cell.  I just bought a 1910 Hudson Touring and it had dry cells for the ignition system then magnetos when it was running.  The manual (such as it is) states that it will not run long for long on the dry cells.  The battery compartment on the 1910 is about 3/4 the size of a modern car battery.  So you had the room in the car for a good size battery but the battery did not the reserve power.  Also remember headlights were not electric for the most part by acetylene.  More proof battery technology was not readily available.  Sorry to spoil big oil bashing.


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