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Hello, My name is Preston, I have an avid interest in the Hudson automobile. My current project is a 51 Hornet. I am currently doing a four door to two door conversion of a club coupe.image


  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,975Administrator
    Welcome, Preston!  Sounds like you have chosen a challenging project!  (Not meaning any disrespect, but had you considered simply buying a club coupe?  Might be simpler!  Or do you just like a challenge?)

    If you're not already aware of the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club (which runs this forum) you can learn more about it at their website
  • triman62triman62 Posts: 214Member
    Jon, I do like a challenging project, I wanted the experience of building a custom car, but didn't want to destroy a decent car, thought I may as well save one in the process. Thanks for the invitation to join the HET club, I will be looking into that.
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,975Administrator
    By the way (and you may already know this) there's a network of Hudson parts vendors around the country, selling everything from reproduced parts, to new-old-stock, to good used parts. So if you need a complete door or a seat, or a window winder, or a windshield gasket, someone probably has it.  In addition there are about 40 chapters of the Club with various local and regional Hudson meets (and of course the H-E-T National which moves around the country from year to year).  So, if you're an avid Hudson fan -- and even if you don't join the Club -- keep a lookout for a Hudson meet in your area where you can make contacts with other Hudson owners and parts sellers.  There's a calendar of events at the National Club's website, but it only lists the larger meets.  There are many smaller gatherings put on by the local chapters -- maybe there's one in your area.
  • triman62triman62 Posts: 214Member
    Jon B, Thanks for the info, I will soon be needing parts like that for the project. I will be looking forward to meeting you at some of the upcoming events.
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