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Happy New Year to all!

I have been a member of the HET club for 15 years or more, although their records don't coincide with mine..... I have 3 stepdown Hudsons, but due to working away a lot, I don't get to spend much time with them.
I have a tendency to root for the underdog, so when I see a Hudson amongst a group of 5,6,7 Chevy's or other more popular cars, I'll take the Hudson, thank you.
My Dad used to take me to the local stock car races when I was a kid during the early 60's and there was a Hudson stepdown that was not only still running then, but still winning races against the 55 Chevrolets and other more modern and more powerful cars! Dad also had a friend who owned a 51 Pacemaker and I remember going for a long drive in it, to a remote logging community one day. (Gee, the stuff that sticks in your mind.......) I always loved the streamlined style of these cars.
Although I am not a qualified mechanic, I do have some knowledge and some skills, and I love nothing better than to spend a day in my garage working on my old cars.
The HET club is a great source of support in terms of parts and information. There is a lot of experience out there and the club members are very good at sharing and about lending assistance of any kind. I have belonged to other car clubs, but some have their own agenda's whereas the Hudson club is purely in support of keeping our cars on the road - any year, any model, any country. It's all good.
I'm looking forward to using the forums a little more. See you there!

Kind regards,
Mike Patterson
(Duncan, BC)


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