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I am a newbie in the Hudson world.  Several months ago I bought a 49 Commodore Convertible Brougham with an inline 8.  It is in excellent condition, and I am hoping I don't have to sell it to pay my taxes.  I am an old geezer, well past my prime; but I love old cars and motorcycles.  I do all my own work, regardless of degree of difficulty, because I live in a tiny po-dunk town in NC.  Being retired helps, but allows me to procrastinate a bit too often. 

I am currently replacing my points (pulled distributor in desperation) as my points failed (no tension in arm).  I am also fighting mildew from our constant rains of late (rains for a week at a time).  Any help in this area would be welcomed.  The car doesn't really need much work.  The wonderful lady who owned it before me took excellent care of this car.

I have used this forum previously to fix a shifting issue that was actually my doing (strong armed the shift lever and it wouldn't go into reverse).  You guys helped me solve that problem.  I am amazed how complex this car is.  It has power windows, power top, overdrive transmission, and the gas door is electrically activated to open.  It is a magnificent automobile, and is a hoot to drive.  I have about 2 inches of play in the steering, so that will be my next target.

If you ever are in my area, drop in for a ride.

Jim Tarleton
Burgaw, NC


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    Welcome to the Forum. I hope you dont have to sell it. N.C. is not too bad compared to the Snow Belt I reside in up near lake Erie, across from Canada.Post a picture of your car.
    Its often easier to take out the Dist to install Points but change the Condenser too. Regarding Moisture, it can play havic if the sparkplug wires & boots are old and cracked...

     Regarding steering wheel excessive play, Jack onto stands then ck the tie rods and 'center Link' for excessive movement by forcing up & down and replace as needed. If the Center Link is the movement Randy Maas www.21stcenturyhudson sells a Kit to correct. If play is in the steering box, there is an adjustment Screw on the side.
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    Howdy, Ol Racer.  Yeah, I hope I don't have to sell it too.  Time will tell.  I'll post some pics as soon as I figure out how to do it.

    I replaced the entire rotating disc with a new one.  I will also follow your advice on how to check my steering.

    What did you race?  Do you miss it?  I hate growing old.  I have great memories, but I miss the action, especially the young ladies.  I was as wild as a mad hatter most of my life.  I had a great time.

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    Jim, I have a convert too. I'm over near Charlotte.  I have a lot of stepdown part if you ever run into trouble.Welcome to the mad world of Hudsons.
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    Hi Jim,

    Got your email, looks like you are doing fine here.  Let me know if you have further issues logging-in.

    Welcome aboard!


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    Welcome aboard, Jim!  As you may know, there is a Dogwood Chapter of the Hudson club, in NC and southern Virginia.  You might want to look them up; I'm sure you'd be a hit, driving to one of their meets in your convertible!  Then too, it never hurts to have friends with parts and expertise, nearby!
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