Cracked hands during winter

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O.K. It's winter and we get our hands dirty and clean them with solvents.. I have been plagued by dry skin and cracked fingers all my life.  My daughter bought me a jar of "Okeeffe's Working Hands hand cream". I don't have stock in them and have no knowledge of the company... but having lived with cracked and bleeding hands and fingers for 76 years... This Works!!!!  Sold at Walmart...Green can. Just a little dab!!!. I have never found anything that works anywhere as well as this!!


  • drivergo2drivergo2 Posts: 375Expert Adviser
    That stuff works great, also a product called Zims Crack Cream works good. 
  • Ken U-TxKen U-Tx Posts: 3,737Senior Contributor
    Steve T gave me some stuff called "Bert's Bees" and it worked too.,default,pd.html?cgid=handCare&start=1&q=#start=1
    Best you get into the habit wearing mechanics gloves while wrenching, and use good nitrile rubber gloves when handling sealants, spray paint, and solvents, etc......The money spent on the disposible nitrile gloves and a good pair of mechanic's work gloves is well worth it. I hate cracked and bleeding hands! This happens because soaps, solvents and even plain hot water remove the natural skin oils down to the base layer. Water evaporates out of the skin quickly during the cold dry winter months without a protective layer of fatty oils on the surface of the skin.

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    I've found that staying hydrated makes a big difference too. Many people live their lives dehydrated, and skin conditions are one of the signs. At the first sign of rough skin, I start drinking a lot more water.

  • SuperDaveSuperDave Posts: 3,371Senior Contributor
    And after 5 oclock a little wine sooths everything.
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