pics of your ride , new or old, by vintage places that still exist or new made

hudson52samhudson52sam Posts: 54Member
There a place in antigo , WI , that sells neons, they've got some vintage neons still out and light them up at night, the other place is here in crandon wi, from a car builder and metal fabricator , he bought the house , gutted it and turned it into a 50s garage inside and out, a project that took him about 7 years and he's still not completely done


  • Lee ODellLee ODell Posts: 2,700Senior Contributor
    Don't you know you are suppose to lock up your car on jack stands in a locked climate controlled garage for the winter and never never never drive it in the rain or snow?? lol

    Great pictures and glad to see someone enjoying driving their Hudson.
    Lee O'Dell
  • GrimGreaserGrimGreaser Posts: 807Senior Contributor
    Several years ago - first trip in the snow, but last day for that particular heater core...  Drive it daily again here shortly.
  • hudson52samhudson52sam Posts: 54Member
    Yes I know there suppose to be garage pampered in the garage , but some times you get that urge, when ya walk by er , lol, drive mine as much as I can
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