Red 54 Hollywood Seats Avaliable

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I have some
useable red 54 Hollywood seat cushions. There is a complete rear seat including
arm rest.  Also there is a front bottom cushion. (No front seat backs). These are
useable but not show quality.  They are
covered in the original leather. If you can use them we should be able to work
out a favorable deal.

I am cleaning out in anticipation of a move.

Located in Maryland (I won't ship).  I can deliver to Hershey on Thursday

Lew Mendenhall


  • EssexAdvEssexAdv Posts: 603Expert Adviser, Moderator
    There is also a leather headliner a package shelf liner and a few door pieces for patterns. Hopefully someone wants these. Let me know
  • EssexAdvEssexAdv Posts: 603Expert Adviser, Moderator
    These are now gone. Nobody responded 
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    Wish I would have seen this before you got rid of them..

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    You working on cars again, TJ?
  • 7XPacemaker7XPacemaker Posts: 333Senior Contributor
    ;) You could say that!
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