not a Hudson

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I bought this last week 1955 Nota historic race car the body is as built in 55 the mechanicals all rebuilt, I have its history and pics of it from the time it was built right through to when I bought it.

It has f??d prefect running gear [English] it is in a Motor Sport Museum here in Queensland AUS. will get it out of there after Christmas to have some fun next year.

It was the 5th one built and is the oldest surviving Nota.

If anyone is interested to look at some of the cars at the museum

Cheers Spencer.


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    Second child hood eh ? Spencer, should leave that for the younger
  • Spencer YarrowSpencer Yarrow Posts: 284Expert Adviser


    I went past the second years ago and who are you calling old???

  • Huddy42Huddy42 Posts: 1,227Senior Contributor
    Hey Spencer, where did I mention think you need glasses as well. Not sure who is the oldest anyway, you or me.
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