Threaded Sparkplug Wire Ends (Screws into coil/distributor)

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Does anyone on here know where to purchase Delco 1839164 screw on terminals for plug wires?
I am restoring a 1942 Hall-Scott 177 engine and am looking for a couple of these screw terminals which thread into the distributor/coils.

I am also looking for original 12volt Delco-Remy aluminum finned waterproof coils,
They look like this:


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    Thanks, but that just looks like a page of ebay listings.....
    I actually found the original Delco-Remy coils. They were shipped with the engine, but loose. My friend found them in his Mack truck, and is sending them my way.

    The Delco 1839164 screw terminals are listed on ebay, but at $19 a piece its a bit much to replace more than 1 at a time!

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    I dont think ive ever been so happy to see a pair of coils arrive in the mail!


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