39 on Craigslist

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Not mine. Wouldn't mine owning it!


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    And, it has the 'side grilles'.  THESE are the grilles that are "scarce as hen's teeth"...

    Looks like somebody has tried to make it run - they've stuck a 12v battery in it, probably w/positive grounding (which is probably part of the reason why it is towed).

    Anyone have a serious interest?  Not too far away from me -

    BRT Recovery, 6023 Olson Rd, Brooklyn Park, MD 21225, (443) 680-6789

  • PaulButlerPaulButler Posts: 804
    And the grilles are looking in remarkably good shape as well. Nice looking car overall
  • Huddy42Huddy42 Posts: 1,223

    I have a set of the side grilles, anyone like to make an offer before they go to the scrap dealer, I am in Australia. These are for the 112 model.

  • tomruetomrue Posts: 16
    I need a set of side grills for a 1939 model 92....
  • tomruetomrue Posts: 16
    I need a trunk license plate Holder for a 1939 model 92.....
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