Transport of Cars and / or Parts Across Country?

Jon BJon B Posts: 6,998Administrator
Does anyone have recommendations on someone who transports cars or parts across the country?  I'm especially interested in moving large or heavy parts.  I figure that, if someone is already moving a car and can fit a car part into the trailer as well, that might be an economical way to move the part.  Especially if one was not in a hurry.

I have checked out Fastenal, by the way.

Just interested "in general", because I figure that others might be in the same boat, sooner or later, and this discussion might bring forth some names we can keep in our files for future reference.


  • tractortractor Posts: 78Member
    Over on dodge power wagon forum there is a few transporters that post there location all the time looking for loads. I used a husband wife team from uship a few times. I have there number if anyone is interested. They
  • DocHublerDocHubler Posts: 980Expert Adviser
    I have found a few excellent carriers using UShip.  Since then, I'm happy to reuse them if they are able to provide services when I need it.  If you live near a major urban area, or most east coast location, you can usually find a carrier to bid on your shipment.  Some of the "off the main track" western locations can be a little more difficult to find carriers willing to bid on your shipment.
  • fliptopfliptop Posts: 155Member
    Jon, try Bill's Auto Works out of Wakeman, Ohio. He transports open or enclosed vehicles from the east to the west. He picked up an engine from me for transport to the east coast a few months back.

    1(419)929-8048 shop
    1(216)832-8697 cell
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,998Administrator
    Thanks for your suggestions.  As I said, shipping parts presents a challenge to many Hudsonites, and your suggestions will be most helpful to them.
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