Rolls mechanic in OKC area?

scottcrow22scottcrow22 Posts: 146Member
Anyone know of any 70's model rolls mechanics in the okc area? This is for a friend that found one in a barn and not for me. Any info would be appreciated!


  • Ken U-TxKen U-Tx Posts: 3,731Senior Contributor
    Scott, I worked on Rolls when I was employed at Kip Motor Co. What model and year of Rolls is it? Does it have the Citroen licensed hydropneumatic rear suspension and high pressure hydraulic brakes with the "zero travel pressure regulating brake pedal"?
  • scottcrow22scottcrow22 Posts: 146Member
    No idea. It's a friend of my dads. I will try to get more info on the car.

    Talk soon!
  • ken1962ken1962 Posts: 243Member

    Hi Scott,

    If it does have the hydropneumatic be very careful - the costs to repair can exceed it's worth. You could be better off just buying a good Rolls selling on the market with a roadworthy for probably less bother. The 1970's Rolls are probably the worst decade for this car manufacturer - However if you're really lucky and have a 2 door soft tops they always hold a better restoration value than the 1970's 4 door Silver Shadow could ever achieve.   

    cheers Ken    

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