door sill plates

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I am looking for a usable pair of door sill plates for our 54 Hornet Hollywood. Any bites .. Ray


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    Here's some info from a prior post about NEW one's:

    This guy makes new ones for the 54's at $240 a pair (at least that's what they were when I bought a pair 2 Hershey's ago.

  • duncanduncan Posts: 828Expert Adviser
    Thanks Bull Islander for the post but when I click the address it takes me back to this page.  Ray
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    lol.  funny, didn't notice that.

    Let's try a cut and paste instead.

    1914 4 dr touring $300
    1914-16 Heel plate $100
    1928 4 dr $200
    1929 2 dr conv./roadster $200
    1929 4 dr sedan, 7 pas 139" wb biddle/smart $250
    1931 4 dr sedan custom 8 $250
    1937 2 dr super terraplane $250
    1937 4 d sedam series 76 & 77 $300
    1938 2 dr conv series 84 $250
    1938 2 dr super terraplane $250
    1938 4 dr sedan series 87 $300
    1939 2 dr series 92 $250
    1939 4 dr touring sedan country club model 95 $300
    1946-47 pickup $225
    1946-47 2 dr conv commodore $225
    1946-47 4 dr sedan (lwb) $275
    1946-47 4 dr sedan super 6 $275
    1948-53 2 dr conv & coupes $240
    1948-53 4 dr sedans $300
    1950-53 2dr super wasp & pacemaker $240
    1950-53 4 dr super wasp & pacemaker $300
    1954 2 dr conv and coupes $240
    1954 4 dr sedan, hornet special $300
    1956 4 dr super wasp $240
    1957 2 dr $200

    Says to call if you don't see what you want. He can make it. He stressed it can be slow. If not ready made and in stock, be prepared to wait 8-10 months. That is his backlog to make new ones. Call for more info. 973-423-1196. His name is Donald Kuehn (N Haledon, NJ). His booklet states he takes a $50 deposit and the plates would be shipped c.o.d. when ready. He didn't take checks or credit cards or paypal. I'd have a set if he did. Since he didn't, my set of plates will just wait til another day.

    He's had several in stock each year at Hershey.  Hopefully if you're after one, it'll be one he has ready to go.
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 7,084Administrator
    The prices are per plate, or for a set?  That is to say, the price for a full set for the 1947 4-door would be $1100?
  • KdancyKdancy Posts: 2,439Senior Contributor
     I had him make a set for the 52 Wasp I am working on. Turned out very nice. I'd have to look the ticket up but I think the pricing is for a set.  (I would have rememberd 1100.00 I think and went another route)
  • bull_islanderbull_islander Posts: 569Expert Adviser
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    price was for a pair (coupe), set (sedan).

    aThe prices above are from the catalog I got from them in 2012.  So they may have changed.
  • Nevada HudsonNevada Hudson Posts: 1,251Senior Contributor
    I just use a brillo pad with plenty of water to keep the soap going, and they turn out like new.
  • RL ChiltonRL Chilton Posts: 5,133Administrator, Moderator
    I just use a brillo pad with plenty of water to keep the soap going, and they turn out like new.
    But if you don't have a set, what are you going to scrub?
  • duncanduncan Posts: 828Expert Adviser
    Thank you all for the info. We are using the original ones off the car drivers side has some wear but will clean up very nice.   Hudsonly   Ray
  • lintwestwoodlintwestwood Posts: 1Member
    i also need a set of sill plates for my 54 hudson conv ,stephen
    my phone number is 631-804-6700
  • bull_islanderbull_islander Posts: 569Expert Adviser
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    Contact Donald Kuehn. 973-423-1196. (N Haledon, NJ). He may have a set in stock otherwise it could take up to 6 months for him to make a pair.

  • m.patterson56m.patterson56 Posts: 29Member
    Here are a few photos of Mr. Donald Kuehn's fine workmanship. I bought door sills from him for my 47 Cadillac and my 48 Super Six. As you can see, they are gorgeous! I don't recall what I paid for the Cadillac sill plates but the Hudson ones were $280 plus $25 for shipping within the U.S. (The tatty looking one, of course, is my old one.)

  • 29sptphaeton29sptphaeton Posts: 279Member
    I bought a set of his sill plates for my 46 pickup and they look great.
  • 40indianssgmailcom40indianssgmailcom Posts: 199Senior Contributor
    Can you post a photo of the sill plate installed in your truck?
  • 29sptphaeton29sptphaeton Posts: 279Member
    I’ll try and have some photos sent to me on Sat. And post them.
  • 40indianssgmailcom40indianssgmailcom Posts: 199Senior Contributor
    Thanks I am looking forward to seeing them installed. I might find it necessary to order a set for my 47 pickup
  • 29sptphaeton29sptphaeton Posts: 279Member
    Here are the photos, I bought them from sill plate guy from NJ at Hershey $225 pr. Front sills from46-47 commodore 4dr. Are the same. Not sure if pickups had them, but they sure give it a finished look.

  • 40indianssgmailcom40indianssgmailcom Posts: 199Senior Contributor
    Nice looking addition for pickup. Thanks
  • KustomKreepsKustomKreeps Posts: 346Member
    necroing this post. Any one have his email address and can PM it over?
  • 29sptphaeton29sptphaeton Posts: 279Member
    I’ll post the info tomorrow, I have his catalog at my garage.
  • 29sptphaeton29sptphaeton Posts: 279Member
    Doorsills 81 Graham Ave., North Haledon, NJ 07508 PH. 973-423-1196
  • KustomKreepsKustomKreeps Posts: 346Member
    quick google turned up his email. (remove HETs)
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