French Lick Resort hacked

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Here's a "heads up" many of us may want to note, especially if you attended the National Hudson Meet at French Lick last year and used your credit card(s) there.. 

Yesterday, February 5, I received a letter from the French Lick Resort regarding a possible threat to my and perhaps your credit card security.  To quote from the letter:  "On January 19, 2015, we learned that a hacker installed malware (a software credit card scraping device) on some of our card payment devices, which compromised the security of the credit card systems that we use for the purchases at our Resort by guests, visitors, and our associates."

The letter (5 pages long), goes on to explain, "Because we want to ensure that every potentially affected customer (including our guests, visitors and associates) received notification about this situation, we are sending this letter to all 85,975 individuals whom we can identify as visiting the Resort during this period when the malware was active." 

According to the letter the malware was active from April 23, 2014 to January 21, 2015.  This, of course, includes the time we had our International Hudson Meet at French Lick.

There's much more information in this letter from the French Lick resort regarding the possible threat to our credit cards.  Also,  credit monitoring service is being provided free through Experian and you must sign up for this via the internet or your phone.   

Hope this doesn't affect any of you, but thought I'd pass this along,



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    Thanks for posting this Dan.  I received my letter from French Lick Resort today.

  • Nevada HudsonNevada Hudson Posts: 1,247Senior Contributor
    Received my letter also. Sure took them a long time to find that out!
  • David47S6David47S6 Posts: 6Member
    Probably some group like the Studebaker Driver's Club is behind this...
  • Ken U-TxKen U-Tx Posts: 3,731Senior Contributor
    I had to replace my card in the Fall of 2014, as someone tried to use my number to purchase items out of state. My credit card lender noticed that the address that the fraudster was using to have purchased items sent to did not match my billing address. They put a lock on my card, notified me immediately. I then canceled the old car and got a new one issued. This hack at French Lick may have been how my card number fell into this party's hands.
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