Using an iMac computer on forum

parkermparkerm Posts: 188Expert Adviser
I am sure some of you are using an iMac computer to access the forum. I am, and i can't open or enlarge the photos that are posted in many of the posts. Can anyone tell me if there is something I can do so I can open the photos?
Help is always appreciated.



  • 46HudsonPU46HudsonPU Posts: 564Administrator

    If it was a Windows PC, I would say that your security settings are denying access... 

    Probably something similar - had the same issue with my PC.  Seems the system AV set the settings high, disallowing opening or downloading certain types of files.

    Will 'bow' to those experienced with IMac computers, as I have no experience with them, whatsoever - NONE.

  • bob wardbob ward Posts: 1,079Senior Contributor
    Photos open just fine on my iMac, iPad, iPhone. Other than that I can't offer any help.

  • 35 Terraplane35 Terraplane Posts: 226Senior Contributor
    My son in law, an apple guy, says it may be due to the age of the computer, is your software up to date?
  • parkermparkerm Posts: 188Expert Adviser
    Hmm, I may have to talk to Apple because my software is up-to-date; I just checked, which one can do easily with an iMac.

    My computer is now 4 years old, but I don't think it is the age of the computer.

    Thanks guys.

  • parkermparkerm Posts: 188Expert Adviser
    Interestingly enough I was just able to open or enlarge the photos contained in the recent post about firewall struts.

    I don't know what is different about those photos the seem to be jpegs just like the other pictures.

  • QuadsterQuadster Posts: 73Expert Adviser
    I use a Mac and find I can only enlarge photos when I am "logged in" to the forum.
  • parkermparkerm Posts: 188Expert Adviser

    You are the winner; you are correct, if I go on the forum and don't bother to log in I can't enlarge the pictures, but when I log in I don't have a problem.

    Thanks for helping out.

  • 46HudsonPU46HudsonPU Posts: 564Administrator
    edited January 2015

    Marvin - LOL!  Since you posted that you had an 'issue', you MUST have been logged-in (at least for posting your issue). Many times, the 'real issue' is that the full circumstances of that issue are not relayed to those doing the 'diagnosis'.

    Do you typically log-out when going through the various threads/posts?  If so, you will miss a lot - Much of what is uploaded here (by 'attach a file', and most links) and cannot even be seen, unless one is logged-in when viewing.


    There are ways to post pictures, documents, etc., to make them viewable to those that choose not to logged-in, however they are more complex, and require the pictures, files, etc., to be hosted externally (independent of this forum area).  I do not see our forum members going to that extreme or level of complexity.

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