1938 Packard Henney Hearse/Ambulance for sale $9,900

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Looks very cool, and I am assuming quite rare. Might be of interest to someone.


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    Would you happen to have any other info on this car? I cannot pull up the old craigslist add as it has expired. That was my dads car as my sister and I were young and have many dear memories in and of it. The attached pics are of the car as it was for sale I believe at the same time you have seen it and one is of me and my sister peeping through the window. I am now 40 years old. As you can see, the wear on the window is clearly the same. My sister and I would love to once again own the car or at least know that it is still out there. Any help or advise would be much appreciated. A name of the seller at the time would be wonderful. My name is David Sporn. I live in Oberlin Kansas. My cell number is 785.470.7003.....thanks for any help!
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    I really appreciate your reply. That is a beautiful car. I am however searching for one in particular...the one with those fancy rear windows and with the large numbers stamped on the cowl reading <462195>
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    Back in the day you could befriend a patrolman, cop, etc. who could access state computer data bases to find registered cars by SN. Think that can still be done but you will need to find someone who would do that, assuming registered. Probably the only way. Located Hudson's that way.
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    Why is this on the Hudson site?  Are our administrators sleeping?
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    Sorry to disappoint. My intention was in Hope's to reach the original posting.
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    Why is this on the Hudson site?  Are our administrators sleeping?
    It's in off-topic Brownie so that is why it's allowed to stay 
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    Here's mine, not for sale though.  1940 Packard-Henney
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    Wow! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
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