A Bunch O' Hudson Parts, coming to Winchester VA car show, May 10, 2014

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Here are photos of Hudson parts being sold by Greg Hammer, in the
Harrisonburg / Staunton, VA area. He will be bringing some of them up
to the flea market at the AACA "Apple Blossom Meet" in Winchester, VA on
May 10, 2014, spaces 34 & 35. Many of those who attend "Doc's Apple Blossom Meet" (the
Hudson meet being held the same weekend in nearby Front Royal) will
travel to the Winchester car show. Mr. Hammer can probably bring along
the part you might be interested in, if you contact him beforehand. He
may also be able to stop at the "Doc's Meet" flea market on Sunday
morning with the parts, if you are unable to get to the Saturday car
show in Winchester. (By the way, he would like to sell the whole kit
and kaboodle, so maybe you can do some wheeling & dealing!)

Please take a look at the photographs, which we have now uploaded. It
is possible that SOME of these may have already been sold. To ask about
a specific item, contact Mr. Hammer and give him the photo number
(3245, 3249, etc.) and locate the item in that photo. The photo number
is shown in the links below (just before the ".jpg"), and it also
appears in the "address window" at the very top of your screen, when the
photo is displayed.

Mr. Hammer's phone number is 540-350-2029, and his e-mail address is X97buster@gmail.com -- DELETE THE X before mailing!












Here is the stuff on Facebook, if you're into THAT!


Marshall, VA


  • ByronByron Member
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    Looking for the round coil springs used in the hood support posts for my '46 bigboy PU.  I understand that there is a fellow that had some made if you do not have a couple.  Also need cowl fresh air door. Please respond, with any information to Byron Hight  wacoykc@hotmail.com   THANKS
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