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Welcome to the Hudson Essex Terraplane 'Open Forum'!

The purpose of this 'thread' is to acquaint and inform you of the necessary (required) steps to register and become a member of this forum.  Due to rogue advertisers and spammers, this is a somewhat more extensive process, requiring several manual steps along the way.  If you have a true interest, please bear with it - the outcome will be well worth a few minutes of your time.

And the clock is ticking - All forum membership applications must be completed within Three (3) calendar days.  That is more than adequate, as it only takes approximately 5 minutes, depending on how long an 'introduction' you submit.  All incomplete accounts will be removed without notice ('completed' means that you have posted a 'Introduction' here - in this area).

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Applying for membership to this forum is a three (3) step process:

Step 1: The basic Forum registration (involves a  required "Captcha" process);
Step 2: Verification of your email address (see ‘Confirm Email’ below);
Step 3: Posting an introduction of yourself (See ‘Probationary Member’ below);

Guest (no account):  Not logged-in to the Forum.  The general public is considered a guest.  The term refers to anyone who has not yet applied for membership.  There are no privileges associated with being a guest other than a viewing of posts restricted to 'read only', and limited viewing of photos.  Posting threads, comments, inquiries, etc., are a part of being a member of this forum.  There are also other 'privileged' areas, hidden' from public view - thus not seen by guests (or prospective members).  Click on 'Apply for Membership -Upper right of screen to apply for membership to this Forum, it's FREE!

'Confirm Email' account:  A 'prospective member'* who has not yet ‘verified’ their email address (Required, Step #2, above).  Essentially, no forum privileges other than being able to log-in. When you register, the forum sends a verification email that contains a link. You must click that link in order to activate your account. Many times, email applications/programs will detect unknown emails as SPAM and place it in your Junk Mail folder. If you don't get the email, please be sure to check your Junk Mail folder. If you still don't receive the email, please email, indicating the issue you are experiencing.  Warning: The clock is ticking - 'Confirm Email' members who do not verify their email address within three (3) days of applying for membership to the forum will be have their account deleted/removed.

'Probationary Member' account:  A 'prospective member'* who has not yet posted an introduction of themselves to the ‘Greetings and Introductions’ area (Required, Step #3 above - 'See the right side of the screen, just below “Off-Topic”). Introducing yourself to the forum is the final step, and part of the registration process. Examples of 'introductions' are provided in the 'Greetings and Introductions' area to assist you with this.  Once this last step is accomplished, reviewed and approved by a Moderator or Administrator you will be granted ‘thread or comment posting’ privileges to the normal discussion areas of this forum. Please be patient, as this last step is a manual process – and all members are screened by a Moderator or Administrator.  It may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours or more to ‘approve’ your membership, and elevate you to ‘Member’ status. If you have problems accomplishing this step, please contact;
If there are any doubts, questions or concerns concerning your introduction thread, you will receive a ‘PM’ (which is why your email address must be verified (Step #2, above). Warning: The clock is ticking - Probationary Members who do not post an introductory thread within three (3) days of applying for membership to the forum will have their forum account deleted/removed.

The location to post Introductions and Greetings = "Greetings & Introductions" (click on link).


  • The term 'prospective member' is used to describe the account of an individual who has not yet fulfilled all forum registration requirements;
  • These minimum requirements are subject to change, without notice; 

Full rights to this Forum will not be granted until all the above steps have been completed.



IF the steps below be 'too much' or confusing, or you believe that your 'membership' has been denied in error, please email the Forum Administrator at:  **


1) Be respectful:  We allow differing opinions and even debate, but only if it maintains a respectful and civil tone. Generally, when things cross the line a moderator will step in and take some action. Before you post something that might cross the line, read it from a ‘detached’ perspective, as if reading it for the first time.  Ask yourself – Could this be misunderstood?; Will this hurt someone’s feelings, or cause controversy?; Is there some other way to phrase this that would be more acceptable?;

2) Stay ‘On Topic’:  If you are commenting on a thread, try to keep it on the ‘topic at hand’.  Common courtesy applies here:

3) Don’t ‘Hijack’ a Thread:  If you need to relay an issue of your own (even somewhat related to the topic at hand) – Start your own thread. Don’t take over someone else’s thread for your own issue or discussion.  Your intentions could be misunderstood, or detract from the thread owner’s discussion;

4) Quoting:  If you find it necessary to quote a post, do only do so when it really applies or enhances the discussion at hand. For example, if you are the first  to reply or comment on a thread, it may not be necessary to quote the post that is right above your reply.  Another good example is quoting a previous post that is extensive, when your comment only has to do with a portion of the previous post. Perhaps only quote the text of the post that your comments are directed toward;

5) Signatures:  An optional part of a member's profile, signatures are intended to be BASIC. Please do not put pictures into your signature – Use your avatar for that.  If you would like to originate a thread with pictures of your vehicle, great!  We love to see pictures of all Hudson, Essex or Terraplane vehicles – regardless of condition.

Rule of thumb:  Keep signatures simple and basic. It makes loading the threads and reading the posts on this forum much quicker and easier for all of us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

a.  How do I post a new topic or start a new thread? First, look to the 'Forum - Instructions and Tips" category for most instructions on how to function within this forum.  Simply click on the category that best fits your statement or question, then click the "Start an New Discussion" button. This will bring up a page with the form fields you need to post a new topic.
*PLEASE use a brief description in the subject line along w/ your post. "Please Help me!" is not descriptive. "Need Help with install of XYZ accessory" is descriptive.

b. What's the Hudson Essex Terraplane ‘Open Forum’?  It is the former forum.  The HET Club is now hosting this as an 'Open Forum', after the website was acquired and discontinued. Rather than allow the forum to 'fade away', it is continued in this venue.

c. How do I advertise on this site?  Quick answer - You do not.  There is no non-Hudson related advertising allowed (personal, commercial or otherwise) anywhere on this forum, period. That includes ‘See by BLOG’, non-related links, SPAM, etc.  The Moderators and/or Administrators determine whether any thread, post or link is advertisement, and their word is final.  There will be no warnings, second chances, etc.  Any violation of this rule will result in the member’s account being restricted (banned).  It is against the rules to promote your business, regardless of whether it is one you own, a business that you work for, or one that you simply want to endorse - by posting your link or logo, even in your signature, etc.  Again, very limited exceptions to this - As an example, if a member directly asks about or needs a service or part related to a project, that type of type legitimate referral  would normally be no issue and are usually welcomed.  Again, Moderators and Administrators will 'make that call', and their word is final (no exceptions).

The Rule(s) of thumb:

  • Contact a Moderator or Administrator before submitting anything  that might be considered as a SPAM or advertisement;
  • Please don't take advantage of this forum for your personal or financial benefit;

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you for your visit, and for considering becoming a member of our forum.  Since you have an interest in Hudson, Essex and Terraplane vehicles, we are sure that you will be interested in the Hudson Essex Terraplane Club.


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