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Glad to be onboard.

Been around a while, born in the early 50s, just about the time that Hudson was becoming a NASCAR legend. Not quite new to this - have an old, somewhat rusty Hudson sitting in the shed, waiting for me to pick-up some wrenches.

There appears to be a lot of information here to go thru, and will keep me busy reading for quite a while.

Regards -

Regards -



Found this forum, while searching for information on NASCAR.  Read about the early years, and wanted to learn more about Hudson and how it dominated NASCAR in the early years.

Have found myself more and more interested in Hudson automobiles - and am am not really interested in running with the crowd (Mustang, Camaro, etc.).  Am considering an early 50's Hudson coupe or Brougham (?), but don't know enough about them yet.

Regards -


Hello to all -

While settling my father's estate and going through his workshop, garage and shed, I found some boxes of car parts, manuals and literature.  The writing on one the box says 'Hudson', while another says 'Essex'. 

Don't really want to throw them away, as they are very old and look like they could be of use and interest to someone - and might even have some value?

I would appreciate any help you can provide in identifying some of this stuff, and maybe an idea as to value -

Thank you,



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