'Attach a file' (pictures & files) is Working - Here are some simple instructions

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Look below - You can now 'Attach a file', i.e., you can post photos, .pdf files, etc..

No real instructions on this - simply click 'Attach a file', then browse to the place on your computer where you have it stored.


However, here is a great  'Tip' -

After you have 'browsed' your computer and inserted the picture, and before you finish posting your comment, put your cursor over the picture(s).  Toward the bottom of the picture, you will see two options 'Insert Picture'.  Click the 'Insert Picture' (only click-it one time), and larger picture will appear in the thread (See screenshot below). 

Do not delete the smaller picture.




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    Once more, simple instructions on posting pictures...

    First, attaching a photo -


    Second, inserting the attached photo -


    Third, posting the comment -

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    When posting a picture, don't forget the second part - it is important (if you want to see the full size image in the post)!


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